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CHART Scarborough …Interactive!

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So what have we been up to these last two years? Well besides the printed CHART Scarborough maps flying out of the racks (we’re already close to the second re-print running out after the initial maps disappeared within a few months), the project has been working towards a fully interactive media-rich online version.

Developed by Dr John Whelan and Joby Harding (both formerly lecturer and student respectively at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus) the ‘experimental version’ now online at allows users to create their own trails and add media rich content. This broadens out the scope of the project meaning you can explore the part of Scarborough covered by the map with the addition of sound and video opening up all sorts of potential creative uses for the map and making it something that can be explored remotely as well as on location. We’re looking forward to seeing how people use it.

CHART Scarborough Digital uses the same custom cartography as the printed map developed by Electric Angel based on original map data supplied by Scarborough Borough Council. The intention is to develop the project further and ultimately integrate these two aspects of the project. CHART Scarborough Digital receives a ‘soft launch’ tonight at Scarborough’s Arts & Culture Forum who originally commissioned the CHART Scarborough project.