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Our research trip to London was time well-spent. It was an opportunity get an inside view on the project and our questions for Kristy, the project’s communications officer, were answered candidly and with enthusiasm. We tested out the pilot scheme in Oxford Circus area for ourselves and compared with the current signage around the South Bank area which is earmarked as a functioning pilot scheme by the end of the year.

The day has prompted much conversation and thinking about our own, somewhat smaller scale project, not least the emphasis in London on ‘villages’ and neighbourhoods as a means of linking areas of the city in peoples minds. We clearly don’t have the same problem to solve in Scarborough but are thinking that a similar neighbourhoods approach will help people recognise what exists in different parts of the town beyond their usual routes, not least for visitors mostly focussed on the seaside aspects of Scarborough.

I’ll blog some more Legible London-prompted thoughts along with images over the next week.

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