Map as art?

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The most daunting and yet exciting phrase in the design brief for this project was ‘maps as art object’. However, following the interview for the project and initial research, we soon decided that Scarborough deserved the best possible most legible map we could draw. So how would this also fulfil the ‘map as art’ function?

We decided to produce two maps. One side of the printed publication features the map that has resulted from our research, focus groups and much experimentation. The reverse is also a map of Scarborough – composed entirely of photographs. Until recently this had descriptions of some of the key cultural locations but more recently 2 poets were commissioned to compose text to accompany the images.

Here’s a taster – a response to Crescent Arts (underneath the town’s art galley) by John W Clarke:

The things you see
down there!
A pocket fish,
cupboard vistas,
opening horizons of
brick, day printing
into night, throwing
the mud of life.

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