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Lack of activity on this blog usually indicates a flurry of action with the project (so take a look back and where we posted lots we were probably doing absolutely nothing…). Here’s a quick update.

James, who has been doing most of the work on the map itself recently posted a few thoughts on the electric angel blog: http://www.electricangel.co.uk/2010/04/20/back-refreshed/

James has also been out taking photos (such as the one above of marine drive) for the other side of the map which will include text by three local writers/poets: John W Clarke, Kate Evans and Jane Buckley.

The interventions prompted some interest in the street, in the local newspaper and via mobile phone as people texted in their cultural hotspots. There were no real surprises although we do keep spotting cultural spaces and places we hadn’t considered before. As the map approaches completion we’re planning a day when we re-walk every street on it to double-check the accuracy and be sure we haven’t missed anything.

This evening sees the final session of the CHART Scarborough postcards project which we haven’t mentioned on here yet. In short we have brought together a group of both young and retired people to work with a poet (John again) and photographer (Tony Bartholomew) to produce a set of postcards that explore how they perceive and interpret the town. These will both promote the launch of the initial CHART Scarborough printed map and, we hope, encourage people to think more about the place they live and what it means to them.

This evening’s session will be the first time I’ve met the group – I’m the designer who’ll take the resulting images and text and turn them into postcards so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s been produced and gauge some opinions from the group as to how they might work in the printed format so closely associated with the seaside.

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