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This week we worked with a group of young people from the NYCC Connecting Youth Culture project. Their responses introduced some new ideas, markedly different from the other group workshops. Notable was identifying and naming places according to events that  have happened or regularly happen there, for example the area of beach at the bottom of Valley Road was used as a landmark and identified as ‘beached’ because of a 3-day rock festival that has happened on that spot annually for the last 5 years. Similarly, the cultural spots they valued were not identified so much by buildings as by the activity and sense of community associated with them.

An intriguing suggestion was that areas have their own colour – determined by the environment – and could be identified on a map according to colour. This struck me as interesting as current map town map fashion generally eliminates obvious colouring and mood-creating detail such as trees or building materials.

We’re intending to work further with the group on the interactive elements of CHART Scarborough involving user-generated content.

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