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Kate’s poetry trail idea would make a good pilot trail for the CHART Scarborough map. I’ve just had this thought emailed to me by Richard Flowitt. He says,

“A trail is a journey on a path and since it is in Scarborough it is an urban path or trail. Such a trail is through roads, buildings, gardens and open spaces.Therefore an important visual aspect of the trail must be the buildings and their relationships to the town, the communities and each other, open spaces and their importance.

This does not mean that the prestigious buildings such as The Grand Hotel must be dominant but that the extravagance of the carving and sculptures should be appreciated. Similarly the delicacy of the cast iron bracket next to the St Nicholas Cliff Lift should be enjoyed . This may not be the direction you are proposing to go but could form a small part of your trail.”

I also see the possibility for Scarborough’s architecture forming its own ‘trail’.

That’s the beauty of CHART Scarborough. It’s flexible enough for us to identify and highlight all the various cultural treats we have at our disposal via a range of trails developed by passionate people.

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