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Dorcas and I managed to catch up this week and pin down some of what we are and aren’t doing with CHART Scarborough. This was largely for our own benefit, setting a point from which to push on with the project, but I thought that I’d share some of those thoughts on here.

For example, we’re not looking to produce the definitive Scarborough street map – ours certainly won’t list every street name with a grid reference although we are aiming at something highly legible and usable. Neither are we trying to create the ultimate tourist guide to the town, although we do want to encourage visitors and locals to have a cultural experience of Scarborough. We’re not producing a piece of advertising, rather than repeating the usual blurb we want to try and get the true essence of Scarborough culture. And, despite our enthusiasm for legible cities thinking, it’s not actually not our aim to design a by-the-book legible cities map – we’re being upfront that we want to steer people and shape the mental map they use to navigate the town.

We wonder if what we’re working on here is pretty unique – a map that is informed by the very best of current town-centre legible map thinking, but also seeks to influence the journey’s that people take and ultimately their perception of place. It’s culture meets cognitive mapping – we’d love to hear if anyone has attempted anything like this before.

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