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Just had a meeting with Dr. John Whelan at the University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus. John is a lecturer in the School of Arts & New Media and leads the Digital Media team. He is going to be working with us on CHART Scarborough to plan the technical direction of the website. 

We have some big ideas about the way in which we can make the website interactive and original, but we have to manage a balancing act between making the website a resource which is accessible to all the community and our digital aspirations.  In the first instance, we need to let the website grow with our community of users.  It’s important that what we do is inclusive, so one of the main aims of our outreach work is to encourage people to use it in a way that is interesting and meaningful to them (I know this sounds pretty obvious) and, as they work with it, we use them to test it, generate content and develop its functionality.

Once we know what sorts of things they want from it, that will help us to take the website in more challenging directions, but we’ll need to continue to work with our users so they can stay engaged, keep up with the technology and keep providing content. It’s them who will be breathing life into the website.

Will spend some time now on mapping things out.

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