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A couple of links for you. Although it isn’t these that are legible, it’s the subject matter. First is the local newspaper’s article about the proposed Station area redevelopment. It’s an interesting project for lots of reasons, but not least that the consultants have recommended ‘better visual and physical links with the town centre, cultural quarter and seafront’. Could this be the start of legible cities thinking for Scarborough? One of the projects that has informed the thinking behind CHART Scarbrough is Bristol’s Legible City project – this sort of approach could be quite easily achieved in somewhere the size of Scarborough.

CHART Scarborough will be well established long before anything happens with the station so it will be interesting to see if we can influence local thinking or at least demonstrate what might be possible with some legible linking around the town. I think that part of the challenge of this project is not just to ensure that the cultural places of Scarborough become better known and visited, but to cause people to think about how they navigate around the town and value those journeys.

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